Changing my media diet

I’ve changed my monthly contribution from the Guardian to the Taz.

The Guardian is a bit weird and was not doing that much for me anymore. It’s not clear what they’re about and I’m mostly disappointed in their roster of writers.

Taz, I only read occasionally but they’re local (with an office that is practically next to my house) and they’re a lot more left-wing than the Guardian is.

I haven’t found many good alternative newspapers other than the FT which is ridiculously expensive.

I’m not a data scientist but I’ve been trained for it (as part of my computer science degree) and I’ve worked in a bunch of related fields. I wholly endorse this take by Vicki Boykis on the state of data science and what you need to be successful at it.

1. Learn SQL

2. Learn a programming language extremely well and learn programming concepts

3. Learn how to work in the cloud

This description of the Goldsmith MA Design Expanded Practice is more or less also how I prefer to work whether in my own practice or anywhere else. An exposition of how to redesign design education that is well worth reading.

We wanted to build a new form of post-disciplinary practice that utilised some deep material skills (from their UG degrees and professional practices) and theoretical skills (from a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds), but evolving them through team work and collaboration. We didn’t want to reduce design to a set of methods or ‘design thinking’ processes, we wanted to give students the space to develop and evolve a truly expanded practice.