I’ve been trying to figure out what makes for the best kind of professional working relationships. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they really take off.

I’d not been able to figure it out until I read The Failure of Us where Roy Rapoport says:

From a relationship and communication perspective, I think it comes down to striving to consistently lower the bar to communication and — stay with me, this may be a bit confusing for a moment — being ever-vigilant about the trivial little annoyances the people we work with create, and developing an ever-decreasing tolerance of them.

“An ever-decreasing tolerance”, which is so counter-intuitive and so spot on at the same time. That is probably one of the things that inadvertently have gone right in some cases and wrong in others. So if you’re looking for me, I’ll be here cultivating an ever-decreasing tolerance.

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