German podcast update

I’m swapping out Lage der Nation whose popularity has led them to lose focus and believe in their own hype for FAZ Einspruch.

Einspruch is solely focused on legal issues which is what I listened to Lage mostly anyway. In Lage I had to skip the regurgitation of international issues for a German audience (much better covered elsewhere), the explanation of very basic facts (like where Venezuela is located) and the incessant mansplaining. After a while not that much was left.

A lot of sense and clear rules about tool usage in this article about remote native organizations by Pablo Carranza. It makes me itch to go back to working remote however much I’m enjoying my current office setup.

Measure the health of your team or organization through the number of meetings: the more meetings and synchronous communications required, the worse the health is and the more reactive you are.

I’ve seen tons of people whose lives were made significantly easier because of parental credit lines which is good for them, but to be fair:

  1. People should disclose what they are receiving.
  2. There should be far more progressive taxation.