“Everyone else, money manager big or small, met with him virtually, over Zoom. When Yuan flew to New York for the IPO, it was just his eighth work trip in five years.”

Zoom is the real deal and the story behind its success is immensely inspiring.


“They’re really good at the PR thing, and it really feels like gaslighting.”

The Correspondent miscommunicated the goals of their extremely well-funded crowdfunding campaign and now their first employee speaks out on their shady practices. Not to mention that a lot of what the Correspondent writes is unreadable and/or compromised.

The men I work with are not the geniuses of Menlo Park, the ones who retreated to garages and emerged with hardware that changed the world. They’re ensemble actors in an industry that favors singular greatness. They have not made fortunes or founded startups but have benefited from their proximity and physical resemblance to those who have.