Leave it to the Netherlands to have a Green party that is right-wing just like every other party. Their leader, Jesse Klaver, styled himself after Trudeau during his campaign but after that, the result has been a bit lackluster without a seat in government.

Below is the story how they backstabbed our boy—or more wayward son—Zihni Özdil because he didn’t kowtow to the great leader.


Fijn zo’n land onder de zeespiegel dat wordt beheerst door klimaatontkenners. En gezien het Nederlandse asielbeleid is het niet heel waarschijnlijk dat klimaatvluchtelingen elders op een warm welkom zullen kunnen rekenen.

Set aside all of the obvious outcry, I haven’t seen a single argument yet that explains how encrypted communications are compatible with state power.


I listened to this and didn’t hear that explanation nor did I find many of the arguments against very convincing.


A huge deep dive into how Stripe invests in technical infrastructure that contains too many good things to list.

Prioritize as much work into the future as possible, shedding “forced” work.

To start digging out, sometimes you can get creative, finding more leveraged approach, push on the constraints a few times to make sure you’re not being rigid. The goal here is to find work that addresses “forced” work that also reduces future “forced” work.

Consider getting product managers into your infrastructure organization. Not every team needs them all the time, but having even a few who can help navigate the transition from firefighting to innovating is super helpful.

If your team is doing forced, short-term work, then dig out by investing into your operational excellence.

If your team is just starting to experience the thrills of discretionary, long-term work, then invest into your product management skills.

If you have discretionary budget, but still find yourself running from one problem, then identify the principles to balance your approach, and set baselines for each principle.