A poor man’s instapaper

I’ve stopped using Instapaper for a long time now, but I’m still reading longreads. Let me explain how.

I go through my links in Chrome on my desktop. I close and read whatever I can and anything that’s too long stays in an open tab and floats slowly to the left.

On Chrome on my phone whenever I’m in transit or when I want to read something longer that isn’t a book, I go to the “Recent tabs” screen. Besides those you can also find synced open tabs from all your other Chrome browsers. I then pick something that I want to read.

Now, ideally it would allow me to close the tab on my desktop from my phone but understandably that’s not a feature. So I read a couple of articles, remember those and close the tabs manually next time I’m back on my desktop.

This works surprisingly well. Except for LRB articles. I have no clue what to do about those.

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