Slack says that letting people do a code review as a take-home gives a similar or maybe even better signal when hiring.

“[…] we also wanted to know that these folks were good teammates — that they were concerned with maintainability and documentation, and that they could express themselves with empathy and a mindset towards collective learning.”

Unsubscribing from Micromobility

As an occasional listener to the various Asymco podcasts and somebody very much interested in new forms of mobility, I was taken more than a bit aback by this.

Dediu revealed himself as a founder in Bond which is the same company as Smide. I remembered him having somebody from Smide on in one of the first episodes of the Micromobility podcast but there was never any disclosure then or after about Dediu’s connections there.

A lapse in disclosure and some backroom action is not a big deal and nothing much seems to have come from this, but it is a good reminder that everything you see online (not just the posts on Instagram) is fake.