Work in a detached way

Some stuff about meditation and work by Chiara Cokieng that I find repeatedly useful so I’m putting it here for reference.

People work because they crave. “Without craving, without attachment, how can anybody work?” Goenka’s students ask all the time.

Oh because you have not learned how to work in a detached way.


When you’re attached, you’re so tense inside, you’re so self-centered. I’m working for me. For me. For me. And once you become detached, all tension goes away. Now you work.

Oh. Is that how you do it? Work? To do it in a detached way, not because you have to do something you desire or hate, but because you decided the work is worth doing? If I can do that, will I be able to do anything I say I will do, without any angst? Is that possible?

I think I get it… If only barely.

I still believe you shouldn’t spend your life slaving on something you hate. But I do believe in training, writing this article, waking up in the morning and being a good human being

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