> Perhaps this was one of those things which would have been better off left to legal professionals, rather than being put to trial-by-Clubhouse.
> both peddling books which really should have been tweets
> While both women make passing references to social movements, neither are particularly interested in the terrain of collective struggle.
> reparations isn’t an individual white person giving money to an individual Black or brown person (apart from when I personally am broke and want a cocktail, in which case it’s very much that)
> Rather it has intensified their consumption of political content – particularly material which equates white guilt with anti-racist solidarity.> The influencers have invented intersectional Thatcherism.


Zinger after zinger in this important piece by Ash Sarkar where she rightfully asks what white people can do in the anti-racist struggle other than watch White Fragility and feel bad about themselves.

“This is all to say that Paul Graham is an effective marketer and practitioner, but a profoundly unserious public intellectual. His attempts to grapple with the major issues of the present, especially as they intersect with his personal legacy, are so mired in intuition and incuriosity that they’re at best a distraction, and worst a real obstacle to understanding our paths forward.”


An utter and total indictment of Paul Graham who of course is impervious to such things.


Barrels take initiative. They don’t wait for approval or consensus.
Barrels ship high-quality work. They constantly looking for ways to improve.
Barrels value speed. They get the proof of concept out the door quickly and iterate on it.
Barrels take accountability. They are not only willing but excited to own the plan and the outcome.
Barrels are seen as a resource. Teammates frequently seek them out for help and advice.
Barrels work well with others. They know how to motivate teams and individuals alike.
Barrels can handle adversity. They push through friction and obstacles.

I keep thinking of this model that contrasts between barrels—“someone who can take an idea from conception to live and it’s almost perfect”—and ammunition.

Try to become a barrel. It’s a lot more fun.