Emine is erg slim en dit moet dus een van de sterkere argumenten voor het dragen van een hoofddoek zijn. Ik vind het niet bijzonder overtuigend maar dat terzijde.

Het gedoe waar ze probeerden mee te profiteren van de Toeslagenaffaire en ook nog eens dit lekker anti-woke doen om het doen. Het lijkt erop dat de Correspondent wat altijd al lastig was en beetje de weg kwijt is.

World 2.0 — “There are decades where nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen”

World 1.0World 2.0
110 successive months of job growth10 million jobless claims in 2 weeks
10 year bull market across sectorsWinners and losers with extreme outcome inequality
Full employment30% unemployment
Base rate thinkingFirst principles thinking
Office by defaultRemote by default
Office for workOffice for connection, community, ecosystem, makerspaces
Suit, tie, wristwatch, business cardGood lighting, microphone, webcam, home office background
Commute + traffic jamsHome + family
Last mileOnly mile
RestaurantsGroceries + delivery
$4 toastSourdough starter
$100k for collegeNot paying $100k for a webinar
Internal issuesExogenous shock
Lots of little problemsOne big problem
Stupid bullshitActual issues
Too much technologyToo little technology
Assume some government competenceAssume zero government competence
InstitutionsGhost ships
Trusted institutionsTrusted people
Tail risk is kookyTail risk is mainstream
Boomers most powerfulBoomers most vulnerable
Productivity growth collapseEconomic collapse
Social services DemocratUBI Communist
Deficit hawksMMT
Corporate debtGovernment debt
TechlashTech a pillar of civilization and lifeline to billions
Break up AmazonDon’t break up Amazon!!!
Avoiding social issuesAvoiding layoffs
Phone is a cigarettePhone is oxygen
Resource depletion$20 oil, $0.75 watt solar, <$100/kwh batteries
Low volatilityHigh volatility
20th century21st century

Er valt heel veel te zeggen over de Toeslagen-affaire.

Hier bijvoorbeeld hoe de ratten in de cie Financien de waarheidsvinding opzettelijk geblokkeerd hebben.

> Perhaps this was one of those things which would have been better off left to legal professionals, rather than being put to trial-by-Clubhouse.
> both peddling books which really should have been tweets
> While both women make passing references to social movements, neither are particularly interested in the terrain of collective struggle.
> reparations isn’t an individual white person giving money to an individual Black or brown person (apart from when I personally am broke and want a cocktail, in which case it’s very much that)
> Rather it has intensified their consumption of political content – particularly material which equates white guilt with anti-racist solidarity.> The influencers have invented intersectional Thatcherism.


Zinger after zinger in this important piece by Ash Sarkar where she rightfully asks what white people can do in the anti-racist struggle other than watch White Fragility and feel bad about themselves.

“This is all to say that Paul Graham is an effective marketer and practitioner, but a profoundly unserious public intellectual. His attempts to grapple with the major issues of the present, especially as they intersect with his personal legacy, are so mired in intuition and incuriosity that they’re at best a distraction, and worst a real obstacle to understanding our paths forward.”


An utter and total indictment of Paul Graham who of course is impervious to such things.