> Perhaps this was one of those things which would have been better off left to legal professionals, rather than being put to trial-by-Clubhouse.
> both peddling books which really should have been tweets
> While both women make passing references to social movements, neither are particularly interested in the terrain of collective struggle.
> reparations isn’t an individual white person giving money to an individual Black or brown person (apart from when I personally am broke and want a cocktail, in which case it’s very much that)
> Rather it has intensified their consumption of political content – particularly material which equates white guilt with anti-racist solidarity.> The influencers have invented intersectional Thatcherism.


Zinger after zinger in this important piece by Ash Sarkar where she rightfully asks what white people can do in the anti-racist struggle other than watch White Fragility and feel bad about themselves.

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