I started my show and tell at work yesterday with: “Every company has a crazy person talking about #Nix. I never imagine that one day I would be that person but here we are.”

I gave a quick demo how I could `nix develop` into a reproducible development environment for one of our projects.

A large part of the movement back to the office is because a lot of commercial real estate is under water. That’s where all the opinion pieces in the FT are coming from.

Also the LPs—who probably have way more exposure to real estate than they do to venture—definitely talk to the GPs who then lean on their founders.

(I say this as somebody who has a lot of experience with remote work but who also likes being in a nice office.)


I got nerd sniped pretty hard by somebody sharing a Django code challenge: “only touch views.py and optimize a page load to a time and memory budget in 60 minutes”.

Started it before going to bed just to see if I still had it and 0.3s and 38MB say that I do still have it. Django is also a king among frameworks.