Fragment Piratensender Powerplay E131: Lina, Law & Order

Once in a while they knock them out of the park in this podcast. In this episode Friedemann Karig goes out and asks for people to understand the necessity and reasons behind violent antifascism in the void left behind when the state fails to protect its citizens.

A small online drama in three parts

Suppose you’re a well-known journalists hosting a weekly rather left podcast around topics such as migration, the climate and criticism of right-wing frames in the media. And then suppose you let yourself get baited majorly by an American alt-right activist. This particular video was going around on German twitter and all the usual suspects were … Continue reading A small online drama in three parts

The past couple of weeks I had a bit of a weird feeling because there weren’t any new episodes from Piratensender Powerplay. Then I found out Friedemann is out sick but also that they have a Patreon with extra episodes. I immediately reallocated some pledges and am now supporting them. This is one of the … Continue reading