Lots of great ways to manage change in organizations. It’s a bunch of work to do this, but if you skip these steps, the results can and will backfire. I particularly like the guiding policy strategy where even if I don’t know something I can usually spitball the values and invariants of the situation that will fit the result.

People see this kind of talk about self-governance and think there is no process or management in such a setup while usually there is more (and higher quality) than in a traditional organization. It’s also some of the best work you will ever do.



Please let’s never talk about GitFlow ever again other than with stories like this of how we moved people away from it.

Some teams will be willing to try something else and see how it makes their lives radically better and others will refuse and put their heels in the sand.

Sure there are reasons why people react in a certain way, why some people are protective or conservative but those reasons are not destiny and everybody can choose agency and make things better.

What choice will you make?