Truly, if you don’t throw hundreds of millions into the trash fire that is the big consultancies, there is no limit to what you can get done.

I usually say that application development (mobile and otherwise) is a solved problem but once you go to any kind of scale, you run into all of these operational issues which keep things interesting.

By a solved problem, I mean that figuring out what to build and building it is by now, for an experienced team, a linear endeavor. Aligning the rest of the organization to be able to do this, however, not so much.

“75 jaar vrijheid, en wat krijg je? De lichtgevende lul van Daan Roosegaarde.”

Not very fair but overdue for somebody who’s bought into his own hype and believes (as do most Dutch creatives) that all of their ideas are original.

I checked the concept and the video and it is indeed very reminiscent of the Stolpersteine without a mention and the presentation is as flat as we’re used to from Roosegaarde.