People think they don’t have the time to write so they’ll have a meeting instead which is probably the worst thing they could do, but it’s easy.

Even then trying to teach people how to write better does not seem to be a very successful manoeuvre. I’m still trying to figure out what making them yearn for the sea is in this context.

so people never settle … they simply won’t stop tweaking their tools, instead of focusing on the actual work.

Another piece of a company that has a broken culture (he is literally writing it) and is blaming that on the tool that they use.

To be fair, I think that these kind of open tools probably don’t scale past 10 people. It sure would be nice but you just can’t expect everybody to be a superstar power user of the tool your company is using. People have lives and they probably don’t care about this as much as you do. Tools need to accommodate that.