The American libertarian view on privacy is so tiresome and so ridiculously irrelevant and I wish we would stop hearing about it so much.

Unsubscribing from Micromobility

As an occasional listener to the various Asymco podcasts and somebody very much interested in new forms of mobility, I was taken more than a bit aback by this.

Dediu revealed himself as a founder in Bond which is the same company as Smide. I remembered him having somebody from Smide on in one of the first episodes of the Micromobility podcast but there was never any disclosure then or after about Dediu’s connections there.

A lapse in disclosure and some backroom action is not a big deal and nothing much seems to have come from this, but it is a good reminder that everything you see online (not just the posts on Instagram) is fake.

Élite Universities and Their Donors

Maybe after this New Yorker exposé, Joi Ito will finally resign?

Full disclosure: Joi Ito once paid for my lunch in a café in Beirut when I was traveling there with some tech people.

My exposure to the inner machinations of Ito’s clique didn’t leave me too enthusiastic. It also became clear that underneath the glamorous surface there was very little of interest or value.

I’m glad the only thing he paid for me was a lunch otherwise I would also be rather embarrassed right now.

Update: He just did. But judging from comments by Negroponte, “Nicholas Negroponte, a founder of the lab, said he had told Mr. Ito to take the money and would do it again.”, there is more wrong with the institution than just the one person.