Élite Universities and Their Donors

Maybe after this New Yorker exposé, Joi Ito will finally resign?


Full disclosure: Joi Ito once paid for my lunch in a café in Beirut when I was traveling there with some tech people.

My exposure to the inner machinations of Ito’s clique didn’t leave me too enthusiastic. It also became clear that underneath the glamorous surface there was very little of interest or value.

I’m glad the only thing he paid for me was a lunch otherwise I would also be rather embarrassed right now.

Update: He just did. But judging from comments by Negroponte, “Nicholas Negroponte, a founder of the lab, said he had told Mr. Ito to take the money and would do it again.”, there is more wrong with the institution than just the one person.

A poor man’s instapaper

I’ve stopped using Instapaper for a long time now, but I’m still reading longreads. Let me explain how.

I go through my links in Chrome on my desktop. I close and read whatever I can and anything that’s too long stays in an open tab and floats slowly to the left.

On Chrome on my phone whenever I’m in transit or when I want to read something longer that isn’t a book, I go to the “Recent tabs” screen. Besides those you can also find synced open tabs from all your other Chrome browsers. I then pick something that I want to read.

Now, ideally it would allow me to close the tab on my desktop from my phone but understandably that’s not a feature. So I read a couple of articles, remember those and close the tabs manually next time I’m back on my desktop.

This works surprisingly well. Except for LRB articles. I have no clue what to do about those.

About password managers:
“But I never found a way to get people onto 1password in a single training session. The setup process has a lot of moving parts, involving the desktop app, browser plugin, online service, mobile app, and app store. It requires repeatedly typing a long master passphrase.”

People do not like to hear it but password managers are BAD. Even the best of them is so bad that I struggle to use it. (I do because I have no alternative.)