The types of resistance available to women are particularly interesting: They themselves understand their daily tasks – the upkeep of their homes and the care of their families – as a form of steadfast resistance.

An interesting point how the women in Gaza play a big part in the resistance with these ‘weapons of the weak’ that they have.

Remember that in any organisation, people make decisions — decisions are about trade-offs, and decisions can be influenced, overturned, and changed. More importantly, organisations evolve— the way decisions were made yesterday might not be the way they get made tomorrow!

An uncommonly sophisticated piece of how to think about technical debt and how to tackle it organizationally. It already starts off right by not using a debt-is-money comparison.

Tokyo as slowdown city

Crucially, at street scale, on-street parking is not allowed, which opens up the streetscape for people, on foot and on bike, for conversation and activities, and yes, for moving goods and people around but as a secondary ‘enabling’ activity to the life of the street itself.

“It is not quantity of his audience that matters so much as the nature of it, however. And the neoreactionaries do seem to be influencing the drift of Silicon Valley libertarianism, which is no small force today.”

A nice chaser to the article about SSC is this profile on some of the most repugnant people in Silicon Valley.