Leuk en informatief interview over ICT-projecten bij de overheid met Cokky Hilhorst.

Alleen een raar moment waar beide personen in de aflevering zich afvragen waarom de mensen zo boos worden terwijl zij projecten waar honderden miljoenen mee gemoeid zijn kapot schiet. Misschien draait het hier om het geld?

In this podcast episode a court case is treated (with the public prosecutor) where during a fluke accident a girl riding along on a bike is killed by a bus in Amsterdam.

The thoroughness and consideration with which that is done contrasted immensely with how things run in Berlin and made it clear to me (again) how unserious this city is.

Cucumber saudis. Nice.

Two questions have long dogged Dutch farming. The first is whether quantity made up for quality: having tasted the tomatoes, cucumbers and chilies grown in its hyper-efficient greenhouses, one may be forgiven for not being able to tell them apart.

picking people over cows turns out to be politically fraught

Well, the cows are owned by millionaire farmers so it’s more a question of which people you are picking.

The Netherlands, a generally well-run place, has made a hash of adapting its economy to ecological constraints it knew about for decades. That does not bode well for everyone else.



Mensen die dit soort haatcampagnes de wereld in slingeren moeten strafbaar gesteld worden. De minste straf voor de aanjagers van dit soort haat zou een (social) media black-holing kunnen zijn; voor de komende zoveel jaar geen vertoon in media toegestaan.