Ende Gelände is the radical environmentalist movement against climate change and here they are blocking a strip mine.

Protesting is a core German competence. There is deep institutional knowledge of how and why to do this. At the drop of a hat and with a lot of organizing infrastructure, it is possible to get thousands of people to join something like this.

As the blisters develop and his feet start to bleed, Walton asks the right questions. What are the human and environmental costs of Singapore’s success, and are they sustainable?

His conclusions are more nuanced than either Singapore’s detractors or its cheerleaders would like. The island’s vaunted meritocracy is imperfect, especially seen from the perspective of its Malay and Indian minorities; and the pressures on citizens to perform and conform are so intense that those who do not fit in sometimes opt for voluntary exile.

Not having walked the length of the island (which sounds amazing) but talking about Singapore from afar, I came to many of the same conclusions. Still a fascinating place in so so many ways.


Leave it to the Netherlands to have a Green party that is right-wing just like every other party. Their leader, Jesse Klaver, styled himself after Trudeau during his campaign but after that, the result has been a bit lackluster without a seat in government.

Below is the story how they backstabbed our boy—or more wayward son—Zihni Özdil because he didn’t kowtow to the great leader.


The future of social democracy

The play: SPD goes populist-nationalist to catch all of the right-wing worker votes and nibble off from AfD/CDU. They leave the open society social-democratic policies to the Greens.

I’m not sure whether in that constellation Green and SPD would be able to work together anymore. In Denmark the labour party has taken a hard right like that and it’s a bit difficult to stomach. Still, I’d prefer those votes to go to classical labour parties instead of going to fascists.