Wat is geweld? vroeg hij haar. Is het besmeuren van gebouwen gewelddadiger dan het blijven verbranden van kolen, terwijl we weten dat de broeikasgassen die daardoor in de atmosfeer terechtkomen een hoop leed veroorzaken, niet alleen voor toekomstige generaties, maar ook voor de minder gefortuneerde mensen die vandaag leven?

Good article about Malm. The answer to the question above should be: “All climate action is self-defense.”

It’s possible to draw a straight line from Malm’s book to the climate protests happening right now in Berlin where people block the city ring road, which makes him quite effective.

Tram lines

Looking at this map of expansions we may have a tram line in front of our house in the near future.

The truth about cryptocurrencies.

[Cryptoart is] a crime against humanity.

I’m horrified to see this willingly traded for an opportunity to reproduce the worst parts of the existing physical art market, where “the original” is useful foremost as a rare thing- a unique thing- that, in its scarcity, is an asset.

Many would call me unrealistic and naïve for this, unwilling to make compromises in the world we are living now because of an idealistic vision of a tomorrow; and to them I would like to say that we literally invented an extra-sovereign monetary system that within 10 years has generated trillions of dollars of worth and is held up with the power consumption of a small country.