Capoeira Development

A weekend with friends for me only reaches conclusion after the pictures have been edited and placed online. The process takes some time but also allows/forces me to relive it. This time the process has been further prolonged because I have to wait until somewhere next week to pick up my developed film.

Last weekend in Wapse with friends was quite awesome, here are some stills:
Flying bird

Pasture Batido

Look up

Heated Argument

Fast Portraits

Last week we had the batizado for our group with people coming in from Amsterdam, Norway, London and Portugal just to celebrate this event together. The batizado with associated parties and barbecues is a highlight of the year and this year proved to be a great amount of fun.

Traditionally the batizado ends on Sunday with a churrasco and having everybody together and mellow is a nice opportunity to shoot some pictures. For this set I took gnomo‘s Nikon with 50mm f/1.4, a splendid lens if ever there is one and I ambushed everybody for their portrait within 10 minutes.

Here’s a small selection: