Fuck Manhattan. This (Jackson Heights) is the real New York: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/08/27/arts/design/jackson-heights-queens-virtual-walk-tour.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur

“In the new city of the supertalls, man is born free but everywhere is in salad chains. The people are being made skinny to fit the skinniness of the buildings to come.”

“Whether the art that comes out of The Shed will be any good, or just social media-ready kitsch delivered in unnourishing experiential baggies for the ’gram, we don’t yet know.”

Every city worth a damn will be colonized and sterilized.

Americans feel ripped off by the Corres’s bait and switch and it seems now we’re going to seeing a free for all where they will mercilessly rip the site.

It was disappointing to realize — to actually see in the numbers — that while The Correspondent raised $2.6 million in part by stressing diversity and inclusivity, tapping ambassadors like DeRay Mckesson and Baratunde Thurston, the Dutch site is not a model of that diversity.

There is a lot of criticism and hate in the Netherlands as well but it’s not so pronounced because:

  1. The site has its provenance in the Netherlands.
  2. It’s a small country and you never know who you’ll need again in the future (“the media in The Netherlands is more tight-knit, insular, and male than it is in the U.S.”).

The USA is not bothered by either of those and that creates a more honest environment because frankly a lot of the criticism is valid.

“They’re really good at the PR thing, and it really feels like gaslighting.”

The Correspondent miscommunicated the goals of their extremely well-funded crowdfunding campaign and now their first employee speaks out on their shady practices. Not to mention that a lot of what the Correspondent writes is unreadable and/or compromised.