Recess! 13 – Game Design as a Nihilistic Endeavour

I have a current shtick that says that game designers harbour no illusions about human reality. Designing and testing a game on people reveal the murky depths of human nature in a way few other pursuits do. Take even the simplest game with the possibility of deception and it will often devolve into the horrible … Continue reading Recess! 13 – Game Design as a Nihilistic Endeavour

Recess! 7 – Game Gluttony

Dear Niels and Kars, This week I bought Ultratron and played that a bit. It looks like a solid 2D shooter like I haven’t played in ages. Before that I played bunches of Ridiculous Fishing and Spelunky which Darius Kazemi has kindly translated into HTML5 for us non-Windows users. And that’s only this week. I’m … Continue reading Recess! 7 – Game Gluttony

Recess! 1 – Proteus and nature

Recess! is a correspondence series with personal ruminations on games. Dear Kars and Niels, I finally bought Proteus yesterday and though I really wanted to like it, I only half succeeded. It truly is a beautiful looking game but I do care a great deal about goals in the games I play (otherwise I probably … Continue reading Recess! 1 – Proteus and nature