A crucial part of effective teams is introducing slack like in this case removing the entire concept of a hand-off (which causes misalignment at best).

The San Diego Loyal got a lot of additional fans with this move. A great example too for European clubs in a lot of ways.

Here come the scammers

After having been locked out of my Instagram account for months because of wrongful reports, I have just gotten back access to the account for a week or so and I already get the first people reporting me again.

And how do I know that they’re doing this? They are in my messages and telling me that they are doing it. This is extremely brazen.

I don’t know what they are thinking but let’s hope that Instagram has tweaked some of their abuse processes or that my additional protection will pay off.

And that is definitely not the only one. Though the other attempt (below) to retrieve my handle is so delusional that it’s almost cute.

I thought I had problems with my Instagram account. Turns out it can be a lot worse than that.

I found out that there is a large secondary market where Facebook employees sell support and verification status to whoever can pay, but being able to commission an account to be stolen straight up is pretty extreme.

Turns out this guy got so much attention for his case that he got his account returned promptly but in the thread there are a bunch more people who are facing similar issues.

Another @firstname person losing theirs and then getting it back.

Another person being continuously hit by impersonation reports.