Daily life in София

It’s nice to have friends who are pushing their bounds photographically to try and improve their skill and to see them improve leaps and bounds as a result of that.

One such friend is Mony and during his yearly holiday1 to Bulgaria he has produced a very nice set of street photography out of Sofia:

Picture by Mony Nedkov from the set Sofia.

For me it’s of particular interest to see pictures of a city neighboring my love Istanbul. I have just this one picture I would call a good street photography shot. The effort it takes to get even halfway decent shots is staggering.

On a different photograpic note, I’ve brought away the 120 film I shot this weekend for development. I hope the repairs on my Yashica worked out and the pictures are in focus. Shooting manual metered medium format film is a very different experience and pace than I’m used to from my 350D and something I could very well get used to. The digital set is still being edited and should go (partly) up tonight.

  1. Or should I say pilgrimage.

Stemmen op ons filmpje

We hebben afgelopen week dit filmpje gemaakt om Tipit.to uit te leggen:

Tipit.to Startup Pitch from Alper Çugun

Het is voor een wedstrijd en die zouden we graag winnen, dus zou je even op ons willen stemmen op de site PitchStorm.tv? Je moet je registreren, je mail controleren en dan in de poll even ons vakje aankruisen.